3in1 Twist USB Charging Cable

Twist Charging Cable

Charge a range of mobile phones with our promotional Twist USB cable. Simply twist round to choose 1 of 3 adaptors and start charging.

Glowing Logo USB Charging Cable

Glow USB Cable

Illuminate your logo with our Glow charging cables. Our glow cable features Micro USB, Type-C and Lightning connector to charge multiple devices.

Basic 3in1 Charging Cable

Basic 3-in-1 Cable

Our basic 3-in-1 USB charging cables features the most popular phone adaptors including Lightning, Micro USB and Type-C.

Swiss Charging Cable

Swiss Charging Cable

Swiss army style knife with flip out charging connections including Micro USB, Lightning and Type-C. A handy pocket sized mobile charger.

Keyring Charging Cable

Keyring USB Cable

The mobile charging cable small enough to fit on your keyring. Choose from a range of connections including Lightning, Micro USB or Type-C.

Lanyard 3in1 USB Charging Cable

Lanyard 3-in-1 Cable

Neck lanyard with built in USB charging cable. The large print area makes the lanyard cables on of our best selling promotional models.

Braided 3-in-1 Charging Cable

Braided 3-in-1 Cable

The braided 3-in-1 charging cables feature the most popular charging adaptors for Type-C, Micro USB and iPhone lightning. A stylish braided design.

Brick 3in1 USB Charging Cable

Brick Charging Cable

Brick shaped charging cable with 3-in-1 adaptors including Micro USB, Type-C and lightning. A great promotional gift for construction companies.

Flip USB Charging Cable

Flip Charging Cable

Keyring sized charging cable with Type-C, Lightning and Micro USB adaptors. Get your charging cables personalised with your logo.

Combo USB Charging Cable

Combo USB Cable

The combo charging cables feature a Type-C, Lightning and Micro USB connection. These combo keyring can also be branded with your logo.

Halo USB Charging Cable

Halo Charging Cable

Glowing charging cable with 6in1 adaptors including Micro, Type C and Lightning. The halo cable features a glowing effect whilst charging.