Branded Power Banks and Promotional Chargers

A promotional power bank allows you to charge your devices on the go. Simply charge the battery via your USB port and your ready to go. Our branded power banks are compatible with most modern mobiles and make great promotional gifts when personalised with your logo.
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Power Banks

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Power-up your promotions with our range of branded power banks.

Our lives are truly dominated by tech and our mobile phone is no exception. In fact this is probably the most used gadget on a day to day basis, so what do you do when your mobile phone runs out of battery when your on the move? The answer is simple, plug in a branded power bank and start charging. These simple promotional gifts allow you to charge your phone when you have no power nearby.

Our personalised power banks are simply pre charged via your USB port and then are ready to use. The promotional power banks come in a range of designs and sizes to suit your needs and give your mobile phone battery that much needed boost, all whilst promoting your logo.

We offer a range of branding methods to make these portable chargers truly unique to you. Each one can be personalised with your logo or company name, using a variety of different print methods including full colour branding and engraving. As an experienced supplier within the promotional sector we are on hand every step of the way to ensure your promotional power banks really do help boost your brand!


  • What is a branded Power Bank? arrow

    A power bank is simply a portable battery that is used to charge your mobile phone. They come in a range of different styles, battery sizes and colours. Simply pre charge them via your USB port using the supplied cable and your ready to go.
  • What does mAh mean? arrow

    The technical meaning of mAh is “milliampere/hour”, which represents how long a battery can sustain a constant discharge in milliampere. The larger the number, the higher the battery size, meaning you can use it more, before having to charge the power bank again.
  • Can the power banks be personalised with my logo? arrow

    Yes, absolutely! We specialise in corporate gifts, so all of the branded power banks can be personalised with you logo, making these mobile chargers great promotional gifts.
  • Do the Power banks come supplied with a cable? arrow

    All power banks come individually boxed with a USB charging cable, that is used to charge the power bank. You will need a cable to connect the power bank to your phone, but in most instances your existing USB cable will fit or alternatively you can order one of our multi USB Charging Cables.
  • Do the Power Banks come in a box? arrow

    Yes, as standard our promotional power banks come individually packaged in a plain white box. We also offer personalised gift boxes, but please speak to our promotional advisors to discuss minimum order quantities for this option.
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