Classic Slim USB Drives

Slim USB Drive

The popular slim USB sticks feature a large branding area to both side. The slim design features plastic body with chrome accents.

Classic Torpedo USB Stick

Torpedo USB Stick

The torpedo shaped USB sticks come in a wide range of colours. The plastic body is rubber coated for a smooth non slip finish.

Classic Aluminium USB Drive

Aluminium USB Drive

The low cost aluminium USB sticks comes in a range of standard colours. Available in memory sizes ranging from 256MB to 32GB.

Classic Highlighter USB Stick

Highlighter USB Stick

A stylish two-tone plastic USB has a see-through feature lid containing the drive. Available in a range of memory sizes starting from 1GB.

Classic Original USB Stick

Original USB Drive

A simple flash drive design made from aluminium with contrasting translucent lid. Available with pad printed or engraved logo

Classic Keyring USB Drive

Keyring USB Drive

The low cost keyring USB drives feature a large print area to both sides. The plastic body is coated with a rubber oil for a smooth finish.

Classic USB Wristband

Wristband USB Drive

This wearable wristband allows you to keep your USB stick with you at all times. Made from rubber the flexible design wraps around your wrist.

Classic Bullet USB Stick

Bullet USB Drive

Low cost USB stick with sleek angular design. The bullet drive features a brushed metal body with translucent plastic trim.

Classic Pod USB Drive

Pod USB Drive

The Pod drive features a plastic body with rubber coating. The rubber coating gives the ergonomic pod shape a smooth non slip finish.