Tag USB Card

Translucent tag shaped USB card

Tag USB Credit Card
Tag USB Card Front
Tag USB Card Open
Tag USB Card Perspective


The Tag USB cards are often referred to as resembling a luggage tag, and it’s easy to see why. These stylish cards are constructed from a durable translucent plastic and feature a cut away corner that house the USB stick. Simply flip the USB drive out from the body of the card and its ready to use. If you wat to add the Tag card to your keyring, no problem. The cards also feature a handy keyring chain.

Available in a range of memory sizes starting from 1GB to 32GB, the Tag USB cards are a versatile storage device. The large branding area means the cards can be personalised on both sides in Pantone colours of your choice.


Minimum Order

10-14 Days

Pad Print

Print Area
40mm x 25mm