Classic Twist USB Stick

Classic USB Twist

Officially the best selling promotional USB stick. The classic twist drives are budget friendly and comes in a range of colours options.

Micro Twist USB Drive

Micro USB Twist

A micro sized twisting memory stick which packs a punch on storage capacity. The micro model is available in memory sizes up to 32GB.

Executive Swivel USB Drive

Executive USB Twister

A premium memory stick with swivel function and with brushed metal finish. Get the executive twist printed or engraved with your logo

Twister Edge USB Drive

Edge USB Twister

The edge features a modern swivel design with integrated keyring loop. Finished in brushed metal with the option of an engraved logo.

Twister Duo USB Drive

Duo USB Twist

The duo twist is combines plastic and polished metal to form this attractive design. Available in a range of memory sizes starting from 1GB.

Colourful Twister USB Drive

USB Twister Colour

The twister colour is constructed from aluminium and plastic. The unique swivel mechanism makes them extremely easy to use and store.

Twister Dome Flash Drive

Domed USB Twist

The twister dome features a resin decal for digital printing and comes in a host of standard trim colours including Red, Blue and Black.

Monocle Twister USB Stick

Monocle USB Twister

This sleek twister flash drive is made from polished steel and plastic. The translucent acrylic panel that can be laser engraved with your logo.

Mini Twister USB Stick

Mini USB Twister

As the name suggests our mini twist is really rather small. Made from polished metal with dome decal and keyring attachment.