Webcam Cover

Protect your privacy with our branded webcam covers.

Branded Webcam Cover
Black Printed Webcam Cover
Branded Webcam Cover
White Printed Webcam Cover


Protect your privacy with our new range of webcam covers. These innovative devices simply stick over the webcam or camera sensor on your computer and allow you to block any unwanted access. Simply slide the webcam so its closed and no one will be able to see. If you want to use your webcam then simply slide it open. The webcam covers are such a simple device, but in a world where cyber attacks are on the increase they are a must have accessory.

The webcam covers can be branded with a range of logo types, ranging from simple spot colour artwork to more complex full colour artwork. If you choose digital print, then we can brand the entire face of the covers for maximum brand impact.


Minimum Order

14 Days

Pad Print, Digital Print

Print Area
On Aplication