Custom Shape USB Flash Drives
Bespoke USB Design

Create your very own custom shape with our our bespoke flash drives. These fantastic storage devices can literally be made into nearly any shape or design.

2D or 3D Shapes

State of the art manufacturing process means we can create your bespoke shape in either a simple 2D design or stunning 3D shape. The process couldn’t be simpler.

PVC Material

Our bespoke flash drives are created from a soft PVC material allowing us to create accurate and cost effective designs. We can also pantone match the rubber to any colour.

Unique Design

The unique nature of our custom shaped usb sticks means that your design will be completely unique to you. The perfect promotional gadget for your next event.

Bespoke USB Drives

Create your very own custom shape usb stick.

Looking for something a little different? Then take at look at our range of bespoke USB sticks. This unique service allows you to create a truly bespoke flash drive, designed to nearly any shape and size. The process is much easier than you think, simply send us a photo or drawing of the shape you would like and we take care of the rest. It really is that simple!

Our bespoke USB sticks are manufactured from soft PVC, allowing us to create intricate designs without expensive mould fees. Once you have the initial design, simply send us an email and we will create 3D visuals of your chosen shape, which will include full product dimensions.

Once a visual has been approved, the next step is production! The production time can vary depending on the complexity of your chosen shape, but typical manufacturing takes around 2-3 weeks. The minimum order quantity is just 100 units so they are great option for companies large or small.

Sketch your Design

Sketch your Design

Creating your custom shape is easier than you think. To get your bespoke design underway all we need is a simple sketch or photo showing the shape and we will do the rest.

Visual Approval

Visual Approval

Once we have received your custom design we will produce a bespoke visual, showing how it will look when created into a usb. The visual shows a number of different angles and also includes product full dimensions.

USB Production & Delivery

USB Production & Delivery

Once you have approved the bespoke visual we start production. This usually takes around 3 weeks and once finished your custom usb's will be dispatched on a next day courier service.

Design nearly any shape!

The only limitation is your imagination

It’s fair to say that we are pretty bias when it comes to USB sticks, but a custom shape is one of our favourites! We have worked with many customers over the years creating bespoke designs that are truly unique to them. This unique service gives businesses a promotional product that truly unique to them.

Whether you want a USB stick in the shape of your logo or a design to showcase your latest product, we can help. Our state of the art manufacturing process means we can create both 2D and 3D shapes, with truly stunning results. Some of the most effective results are based around simple designs, so try not to over think it too much.

If you would like some inspiration then please feel free to get in touch and we can show you some examples of shapes we have produced for other customers.

Bespoke Gallery

Examples of bespoke USB shapes

Take a look at the USB examples below and see just how good a bespoke design can look! As you can see even the simplest of designs can be extremely effective.

If you have a shape you would like to create then get in touch. Alternatively send us a copy of your logo and we can send some visuals to help stir your creative thoughts.