Usb Characters

USB Characters

Create a character to match your business

These super cute usb characters are new to our range and are simply adorable! Available in a range of uniform styles including Doctor, Business, Surgeon, Fireman, Chef, Sports and Army to name but a few. What better way to compliment your business sector than having your very own promotional flash drive in a uniform to match your business. All aspects of the characters can be changed including gender, race, eye colour and hair colour. Simply send us a photo or image of your uniform and we will create design the character.

Unique USB Characters
Unique USB Design

We have worked with designers to create a unique usb stick that is sure to turn heads. Our characters are not only fun, but a great way of promoting a business industry.

USB Characters
Fun Characters

Add some fun to your flash drives with our range of usb characters. These super cute characters comes in a range of uniform styles and are sure to add some excitement to your desk.

Embossed Logo Branding
Free Logo Branding

Made from soft PVC our characters can be embossed with your company logo at no extra charge. Each order is unique so your logo can be moulded on to the back of each person.

USB Uniform Designs
Create Any Uniform

Our USB Characters come in a range of uniforms including, Nurses, Fireman, Police and Doctors. If your looking for something unique then why not create your very own style.

Business USB Character

The generic suit design gives these characters a wide appeal. The bespoke character can be created in nearly any suit design and are available in both Male and Female versions.

Surgeon USB Character

Give your promotions a face lift with our surgeon usb sticks. The unique shape is the perfect gift for medical companies as the surgical uniform can be branded with your company logo.

Sports USB Character

The sports character can represent any sporting industry and can be made into basketball stars, footballers or rugby players to name but a few. Available in Male and Female characters.

Fireman USB Character

Turn up the heat for your next promotional campaign with our fireman usb sticks. The fireman character features a realistic uniform design which can be personalised with your logo.

Doctor USB Character

The doctor usb stick has been designed with attention to detail in mind and feature a white jacket and stethoscope. Our doctor character is available in both Male and Female designs.

Army USB Character

Prepare to go to war with your friends with our army usb sticks! The realistic design features camouflage colours and combat helmet, the perfect usb stick for the military minded!

Chef USB Character

Feast your eyes upon our new chef character, which would almost definitely have a Michelin star! Great for promoting the food industry as they can be bespoke printed with your logo.

Street USB Character

A fun character design with baseball cap and trainers. The youthful design is available in Male or Female and as they are bespoke design we can even change the uniform to any colour.


The perfect usb stick for those in the construction industry. These fun usb characters are moulded from soft PVC and include details such as hardhat and high visibility jacket