Twist Usb Drives

Twist USB Drives

Unique twisting USB stick with no lid

Time and time again our customers keep coming back for these popular twister USB sticks and for good reason. The twister style has earned it's reputation as a practical and low cost flash drive without compromising on style or quality. The twisting mechanism means that you simply twist open the usb drive to use and then twist back once you are finished. This simple and effective twisting motion eliminates the need for a separate lid, which all too often gets lost, which is why they have become our best selling promotional models.

Budget Twist Design
Low Cost Twister

Fed up of losing the lid on your usb drive? Then take a peek at our great range of twister flash drives. The twisting design eliminates the need for a seperate lid.

Pantone Twister
Pantone Twister

We appreciate that not everyone wants the same colours, which is why on all orders of 250+ we can pantone match any plastic housing to a colour of your choice.

Twisting Mechanism
Twisting Design

Looking for a cost effective usb drive? Then out twister styles could be the perfect choice! This stylish range includes our best selling twister classic for those on a budget.

Twister USB Shipping
Free Delivery

Place an order for any of our branded twister flash drives and we will deliver them to a UK address completely free of charge. No hidden delivery charges on any of our quotes!

Brushed Twist USB Drive

A brushed metal finish and angular design makes this usb drive extremely striking. The brushed metal body features a built in keyring loop and can be custom printed or engraved with your logo.

Classic USB Twister

One of our most popular usb styles, with low unit prices and infinite print possibilities. The classic twist can be branded free of charge and comes in a huge range of standard colours.

Colour Twister USB Drive

A simple twist design featuring a plastic housing that is available in a range of standard colours including Red, Black, Blue, Yellow and Green. Available with a printed logo at no extra charge

Dome Twist USB Drive

Based on our best selling classic twist, this stylish flash drive features the same twisting design, but with the added benefit of a recessed dome decal for vibrant full colour printing.

Executive Twist USB Drive

Our executive twist has a slim design featuring a built in keyring loop and brushed metal finish. The executive twist can be branded or engraved with your company logo at no extra charge.

Mini Twist USB Drive

As the name suggest our mini twist is really rather small. The housing is made from a polished metal and features a dome decal to the front which can be branded with a logo in full colour.

Oval Twist USB Drive

Life is better with curves so why not add some to your usb collection. Our oval twist features a ergonomic oval design and a plastic trim that is available in a range of standard colours.

Smart Twist USB Drive

If twisting the usb back in once you have finished is too much or a chore, then this could be the perfect choice. This smart twist features a unique mechanism that automatically twists in and out.