Metal Usb Drives

Metal USB Drives

A premium collection of metal usb sticks

If you are looking for an executive promotional gift then look no further than our comprehensive range of metal usb flash drives. This stylish collection includes models made from brushed metal, polished metal, steel, chrome and anodized aluminium, all of which can be laser engraved or branded with your logo. The metal usb drives are hard wearing and precision engineered meaning each flash drive and it’s branding will be nearly identical, ensuring brand identity is kept constant through you’re the entire batch.

Durable Design
Tough Design

The ability to have your logo engraved means your branding will last even in the toughest of environments. The metal casing also provides a durable finish to protect your data.

Engraved Metal USB
Engraved Metal

Create a branded usb drive that will stand the test of time and ask us about our free of charge engraving service. Our precision engraving can be applied to any of our metal range.

Executive USB Design
Executive Metal

Create a branded usb drive that will stand the test of time and ask us about our free of charge engraving service. Our precision engraving can be applied to any of our metal range.

Metal USB Delivery
Free USB Delivery

Get your order of metal usb drives delivered to your door at no extra charge. We are pleased to offer a free of charge delivery service on all of our branded usb sticks.

USB Carabiner

One for all the rock climbers and adventurers out there! The Carabiner usb stick features a large metal carabineer buckle which simply unclips, allowing you to attach it to your keyring.


The slim modern design makes the metal key one of our best selling usb sticks. The key is available in either a polished or brushed metal finish, both of which can be engraved.

USB Massive

A chunky metal housing and brushed metal finish gives this flash drive a premium finish. The metal surface can be laser engraved or screen printed with your logo.

USB Plate

An elegant design featuring a brushed metal plate wrapped around a central plastic trim. The brushed metal plate appears on both sides, giving this usb stick perfect symmetry.

USB Capsule

The anodized aluminium capsule is available in a range of different colours including Silver, Black, Blue and Red. The striking capsule design can be printed or engraved.

Wristband USB Drive

A highly polished metal case with matt strip that runs the entire length. The monolith usb stick has a slim design and integrated keyring loop so they can be attached to your keyring.

USB Chrome

The highly polished chrome surface is complimented by a plastic trim, which is available in a range of colours. The chrome usb stick is plated on both sides and also feature an led indictaor.

USB Carbon Fibre

A simply stunning designer usb stick! The carbon fibre usb features carbon fibre body and polished metal accents. The large keyring loop also makes it easy to attach to your keyring..

USB Loop

A large keyring loop make this metal usb stick the perfect accessory on your keyring. The integrated usb means there is no additional lid, which can all too often can be lost!

USB Metal Clip

The clip usb drive features polished metal surface and a large metal clip on the reverse of the drive. The handy clip allows you to attach the drive to your folder or paper work.

USB Metal Curve

An elegant usb drive with a curved metal surface. The polished metal surface looks stunning with an engraved logo and they large keyring loop make it the perfect companion to your keys.

USB Chrome Retractable

The retractable model features a retractable usb stick for compact storage. The plastic housing features a brushed metal plate to both sides which can be engraved with your logo