Leather Usb Drives

Leather USB Drives

Add a touch of luxury to your promotions

Add a touch of luxury to your next promotional event and get your company logo and design printed or debossed on one of our stylish leather usb flash drives. These executive usb drives are the perfect choice for those looking to impress even the most discerning of clients, thanks to the high quality leather and faux leather used during production. The leather usb drives may look luxury, but thankfully you will be pleased to know they don’t come with the luxury price tag you would expect, so indulge yourself with a touch of elegance.

Embossed Leather
Embossed Leather

Looking for a subtle branded flash drive? Then ask us about our embossed leather option which allows us to stamp your logo into the surface of the leather.

Leather Colours
Leather Colours

We can produce our leather usb drives in a range of standard colour shades including Black, Brown and White. We can also offer leather in bespoke colours of your choice.

Luxury Leather
Luxury Leather

Looking to add a touch of luxury to your next promotion? Then take a look at our range of leather flash drives that are available in a choice of faux or genuine leather.

Leather USB Shipping
Free USB Shipping

Do you worry about hidden extras such as delivery costs? Then worry no more as we are pleased to offer a free UK shipping service on all of our branded leather usb sticks.

Leather Flip USB Drive

A modern vibrant design with a range of stunning leather colours to choose from. The leather surface flips open to reveal the metal usb, which is held in place via a magnet.

Classic Leather USB Drive

This elegant leather flash drive comes in a choice of Black or Brown leather and features stitching detail around the edge with metal accents. Available with a stamped logo.

Chrome Leather USB Drive

The leather surface is complimented by a polished metal trim that runs around the entire edge. Available in Black, Brown or White leather with the choice of a printed or de-bossed logo.

Leather Keyring USB Drive

A classic leather design with large keyring loop and button fastening. The leather housing is available in Black or Brown leather and can be branded with your logo free of charge.

Leather Holster USB Drive

A stunning combination of metal and leather. The metal usb is concealed within the leather pocket and features a large sturdy keyring loop. Available in Black or Brown leather.

Original Leather USB Drive

A luxurious leather flash drive with metal trim. Available in a choice of leather colours including Black, Brown and White. The leather surface can be printed or stamped with your logo.